Astro CORE

The easiest way to add motion to your time-lapse videos. Portable, intuitive, and powerful.

The history behind ASTRO.

Motion and Time-lapse have long been our area of focus with the original Astro and the Astro Time-lapse trigger, both successfully funded Kickstarter projects that have become widely popular products.

Astro Core advances the category by simplifying complex motions, and by adding wireless programing through our smartphone app. (Android and iOS).

What made Astro Awesome?

The biggest obstacle to motion control is creating a program, since it usually involves complex curves, values and math. We wanted to remove every obstacle so you can focus con creating amazing time-lapses, so we developed what we believe is the most intuitive way of creating motion control programs.

We call it Gesture Programming.

Use the Astro App to record your desired motion in mid-air, then send the recorded program to Astro Core and it will precisely mimic your moves. It works with one Astro to create panning or tilting programs, or with two Astros to create simultaneous two axes motion.






September, 2016


Hardware & Firmware Design